Analysis of Patients With Ventricular Assist Devices Presenting to an Urban Emergency Department

Ryan P. McKillip, MD; Anand Gopalsami, MD; Magdeline Montoya, MD; Gene Kim, MD; James J. Walter, MD; Colleen Juricek, MS; Eric Shappell, MD MHPE


Western J Emerg Med. 2018;19(6):907-911. 

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This was a retrospective chart review and used subjective interpretation of medical records to develop presentation categories. By using presentation categories, our intention was to provide more meaningful information than what is typically derived from the chief complaint, final diagnosis, or other objective outputs from health records. Our investigation of interventions was limited to device-specific encounters. Therefore, we did not report data on interventions for more common presentations such as bleeding and infection. Although we studied a large sample of patients across several years, we were limited to ED presentations at a single institution, and exclusively studied patients who had their LVAD placed at that same institution. Additionally, all patients received either the HeartMate II™ or HeartWare™ device, and thus our study does not include presentations of patients with other devices.