Combined Modality Treatment in Mesothelioma

A Systemic Literature Review With Treatment Recommendations

Charlotte De Bondt; Ioannis Psallidas; Paul E. Y. Van Schil; Jan P. van Meerbeeck


Transl Lung Cancer Res. 2018;7(5) 

In This Article


We withheld out of 80 abstracts, 35 valid full articles, of which 9 reviews/editorials/comments, 5 guidelines, 9 manuscripts addressing pure surgical issues, 7 population studies, 4 manuscripts on recurrence pattern after combined modality and 1 case report (for grading see Table S1). Among these 35 articles, there was 1 observational study on single modality treatment, 1 phase II trial on single modality treatment (CT), 3 randomized phase III trials on single modality treatment (of which 2 on CT and 1 on immunotherapy), there were 12 reports on 2 modalities, of which 3 prospective, non-randomized series, 7 on surgery with CT (of which 2 with intracavitary CT): 1 observational, 1 phase 2 trial, 5 on peri-operative RT of which 1 prospective; 17 reports on 3 modalities among which 1 systematic review, 1 retrospective analysis, 7 phase 2 trials, 2 randomized trials; 7 on PORT; 1 on resection. These were the basis for addressing the three PICO questions.