Combined Modality Treatment in Mesothelioma

A Systemic Literature Review With Treatment Recommendations

Charlotte De Bondt; Ioannis Psallidas; Paul E. Y. Van Schil; Jan P. van Meerbeeck


Transl Lung Cancer Res. 2018;7(5) 

In This Article


This systematic review is part of the revision of the 2010 ERS-ESTS guidelines on mesothelioma by a core group of experts, led by Prof Dr. A Scherpereel. A literature search was performed in November 2016 in the Ovid Medline system by a librarian. The clinical questions were translated in the "PICO" (population, intervention, comparator, outcome) model[14] (Table 2). The corresponding search criteria were translated into MeSH terms, and free-text keywords that were searched for in titles, abstracts and name of substances (Table S1). Completed search strategies included "P" and "I" criteria, combined with "O" criteria when the number of retrieved citations was too large. Results were limited to articles published from 2009 onwards. Citations were exported from Medline into reference manager databases to allow the removal of duplicates and to facilitate the selection process performed by the reviewers. They were first selected for their eligibility based on the abstract content and language. The remaining articles were evaluated further for inclusion in the current review. The final selection was performed by reading the full publication. Selection was independently done by the four authors and discrepancies were consensually resolved. This search was supplemented by screening the references of the selected articles and a manual selection of literature up to January 2018 by the experts. An evidence level and grade of recommendation was assigned using the SIGN methodology.