First-Ever Pediatric Concussion Guidelines: Real-Life Cases

Debra Houry, MD, MPH


November 15, 2018

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Case 2: Predicting Recovery From mTBI

Figure 2. Head injury can occur in the increasingly popular sport of lacrosse.

A 15-year-old female lacrosse player fell and hit her head against the turf during practice. Loss of consciousness was reported for 10-20 seconds. She experienced dizziness immediately following the injury and was transported to the local ED.

The emergency physician elicited the following history:

  • Two years ago, she collided with another player during a game. No loss of consciousness was reported, but she experienced nausea and headache. She no longer experienced symptoms after 1 week and returned to play shortly thereafter.

  • One year ago, she was hit in the head by a lacrosse stick. No loss of consciousness was reported, but she experienced dizziness and headache. Symptoms resolved within 3 weeks and she returned to play 5 weeks after the injury.