'Eye Health' Supplements: Do the Benefits Justify the Cost?

Brianne N. Hobbs, OD


October 24, 2018

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The Trials

AREDS also addressed the benefits of antioxidants on cataracts but in an observational rather than an interventional way.[7] The cross-sectional Blue Mountains Eye Study investigated the relationship between cataracts and supplements via a patient questionnaire.[8] The Physicians' Health Study was a longitudinal study that also assessed the relationship between cataracts and supplements.[9] The Beaver Dam Eye Study reported on the relationship between the 5-year incidence of cataracts and supplements.[10]

The Results

  • One observational trial that included only women identified a healthy diet as being associated with a lower risk for cataract development[11]

  • Lutein, zeaxanthin, and B vitamins may decrease the risk for cataracts.[7,12]

  • Large, randomized trials found no benefit to taking vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, or selenium.[13,14]

  • The results are mixed regarding the potential benefit of a multivitamin.[9]

  • Sunlight exposure likely plays a role in the pathogenesis of cataracts, although knowledge of their exact pathogenesis is not fully understood.[15]

The Conversation

  • Cataract surgery is the only treatment for cataracts.

  • No therapy has been proven to prevent or slow the progression of cataracts.

  • Wearing sunglasses may protect against ultraviolet light exposure that can damage the lens.

  • Recommending a multivitamin is probably appropriate, as it may be beneficial and is without adverse effects.

  • Smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts, and patients who smoke should be encouraged to quit.

  • Controlling systemic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, may not directly impact the development of cataracts but does help make patients better surgical candidates.


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