Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Care

Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Feng Feng; Jane Hokanson Hawks; Jeanine Kernen; Eric Kyle


Urol Nurs. 2018;38(5):231-235. 

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Future Directions

As in all healthcare and life matters, nothing is without risk. Western medicine routinely assesses risks and benefits of therapies along with drug effects and adverse effects. CAM approaches generally have fewer adverse effects. While many patients accept CAM concepts and often practice CAM on their own, healthcare providers may fail to consider CAM as useful or helpful therapy. The authors are hopeful this review can help guide future research and healthcare practice. While we cannot conclude which CAM therapies are most effective for rUTI care, integration of CAM approaches could benefit patients with rUTI. Initiating a discussion about CAM may prove helpful in reducing the severity and complications of rUTI. Chronic rUTI can lead to irreversible structural and functional changes, and possible multi-organ damage. Patients with rUTIs may be able to practice multiple CAM therapies along with more traditional therapy to help mitigate these damaging effects.