'WIN' With Women in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice

Darleen A. Sandoval, PhD; Mark Harmel, MPH


October 18, 2018

At the University of Michigan, I had the opportunity to participate in a women-specific peer group focused on diabetes research, and we wanted to take what our peer group was doing to the national level.

I've been coming to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions since I was a graduate student, and in all that time, I hadn't seen any women-focused sessions. I took the idea of having women-focused sessions to the ADA, and they were very enthusiastic about it. Jane Reusch, current president of the ADA, offered to be co-chair of a group focused on women's interests. The ADA staff has been fully supportive.

In the past year, we developed a group called the Women's Interprofessional Network of the American Diabetes Association (WIN ADA), which has grown to 1300 members. The interprofessional aspect of this group is very important, so we want to make sure that we are spanning the career types of our ADA members—clinicians, basic scientists, other healthcare professionals, and industry professionals.

We have three critical goals for WIN ADA. The first is to increase the acknowledgement of excellent women researchers, clinicians, educators, and mentors. The second is career development. The third goal is to better focus on women's health research in general. We want to support the research that our members are already doing, and encourage more folks to conduct research on women's health and to consider sex as a biological variable.

Moving forward, what you might expect to see from WIN ADA at the Scientific Sessions are networking opportunities, career development sessions, and award presentations. This year, we had four WIN ADA awards. We hope to have more next year, with perhaps a monetary prize associated with those awards. We also hope to have dedicated symposia on career development or women's health research.

If you're interested in becoming involved, this is a members-only group, so you need to get an ADA membership if you don't already have one. When you fill out your profile on your ADA membership form, there's a box you can check to indicate that you want to be a member of the WIN ADA. I hope you will join us.


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