Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer

Nicolai Hübner; Shahrokh F. Shariat; Mesut Remzi


Curr Opin Urol. 2018;28(6):550-554. 

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Brachy Therapy

Brachy therapy has long been used as a treatment for low and intermediate-risk PCa. It consists of the implantation of radioactive seeds into the prostate, which then treats the surrounding tissue with radiation.

It is easy to adapt towards a focal approach, wherein seeds are only placed into a lesion[27] or specific area[28,29] of the prostate (hemi-ablation). To this date, there are hardly any data on the oncological outcome of focal brachy therapy however, as the first trial only included 22 patients and does not report oncological outcomes, and the hemi-ablation trial has also not been published in regards to the oncological outcome. Functional outcomes have been compared retrospectively with previous whole-gland cohorts and were improved. International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) was lower in focal brachy (P = 0.04) and The international index of erectile function (IIEF)-5 was also significantly better (P = 0.014).[27] Yet, with no oncologic outcomes reported at this time, other options for focal therapy seem more promising at this time.