The EASD's President-elect on the 'Pandemic of Diabetes'

Prof David Matthews MA, DPhil, BM, BCh, FRCP, DM.


October 05, 2018

Hello I'm Professor David Matthews and I'm the president-elect of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. It's a singular honour for me to have been elected to this role and I look forward to the coming year with immense enthusiasm, and it's something that is going to be very close to my heart for the, for the whole of the duration of my presidency.

Of course, we face many challenges with diabetes and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, the EASD, is the major organisation within Europe that is behind so much of what it is that we do in terms of research, with huge amounts of research being funded by the EASD and EFSD [European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes].

We have a very wide membership that of course is European, but actually is transatlantic and indeed global.

We're interested both in science and in clinical medicine. We're interested in the politics of how diabetes and its prodrome obesity, and how its therapeutics, is both funded and sustained. And we're an organisation that believes in collaboration rather than destructive attitudes.

So we collaborate with the American Diabetes Association. We have collaborations between Europe and Australia, India, and South America.

We are an organisation that's actually dedicated to the whole concept that collaboration is one of the ways in which we can face up to the problems that we have.

This year's Berlin meeting has been huge. We've got 15,500 people who are registered for the meeting. And it's a wonderful occasion where people meet, they come across new clinical medicine, they come across new science, basic science, they meet each other for reasons of collaboration, they meet with industry, and our industry partners are extraordinarily important to us. Without industry, we don't have the new generation drugs. And without industry, much of the science would not be funded.

We're grateful to industry also for special academic prizes, for the way in which their generosity has been shown to both academics and to scientists.

We are perpetually on the move in terms of what it is that we might do.

So we face in Europe, a pandemic of diabetes, which is a huge political and economic problem. And of course, it's not just Europe, it's a worldwide pandemic. And the only way that we will manage to

address this huge problem will be to come together in the way that we do, to have education, clinical care, and good science.

And so the EASD is here to help, to support, and to listen to ideas, to be part of that new science, and to be a strong advocate for clinical care in Europe and beyond.


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