Mobile Devices and Healthcare-Associated Infections

Brandy Wentz, BSN, RN; Mary Jane Bowles, DNP, RN, CCRN, CNS-BC


Am Nurs Journal. 2018;13(9) 

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The Results

The study concluded that the mean preclean MHD bioburden was 106.8 relative light units (RLUs), indicating bacterial contamination. The mean post-clean bioburden was 49.98 RLUs, within the "clean" range. The results indicate that this regimen (70% isopropyl alcohol and 15 seconds of friction) effectively cleans MHDs and decreases the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to patients in the healthcare setting. Before the study began, participants were asked what cleaning method they used for their MHDs. About 64% said they use isopropyl alcohol, and 50% said they had cleaned their phone within the last 12 hours. Each participant received an email with personal results, including pre- and post-bioburden, for their MHDs.