Practical Resources for Addressing Social Determinants of Health

An Interview With AAFP About The EveryONE Project

Interviewer: Laurie Scudder, DNP, NP; Interviewee: Julie K. Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP


October 08, 2018

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Who Can Use These Resources?

Medscape: So with a patient who is Internet-savvy and able to do it themselves, the team can point them to the patient-facing site?

Wood: Right. The physician doesn't need to do it all themselves while the patient is in the office. The team, the patient, and the family can all help through the process. The physician can talk about addressing the identified issues, but can do it efficiently and effectively right there in the office.

Our goal with The EveryONE Project...was to streamline resources to address these things that we know physicians are concerned about.

Medscape: In addition to making these materials available to patients, are they available to nonmember healthcare professionals?

Wood: Yes; they're currently open on The EveryONE Project website.

Medscape: What are the main points you wish your colleagues to know about this resource?

Wood: I can understand that some physicians may push back, not because they do not recognize the importance of this issue, but because of the perennial time crunch. In our survey, more than 70% of physicians recognized the need and the importance of addressing SDoH, but don't feel they have the time or the resources to do it. Our goal with The EveryONE Project, particularly the social determinants tool kit, was to streamline resources to address these things that we know physicians are concerned about, recognize are important, and play such an important role in the health of their patient.

There will be times where this isn't going to be the whole focus of a visit, but at least those resources can be addressed if needed, even in a quick visit.

Medscape: What is next for the project?

Wood: We've really focused from a national level, but we are looking forward to working more with our state chapters within AAFP to help them with tools and resources that they need to address things at the state and local level. As a national organization, we can provide background and resources, but everything is local. And so we want to make sure that these state-level organizations are empowered to take these things on as they wish in their own communities.

Then we plan to tackle the issue of community advocacy. Another thing we heard from our members is that they do understand that they can be effective at addressing these issues from a policy perspective, and that they can and should have a voice in many things that happen at the local level. That doesn't mean it has to be something that takes a lot of time. It could be writing a letter to the editor or testifying about something that's happening that influences health in their community. What we want to do is be able to provide resources that allow them to do that in an efficient manner.

More long-term, working with our collaborative partners, we'd like to address ways to improve the overall physician workforce diversity. That is something we can't do by ourselves, but we can collaborate with other groups to see how we can further the diversity within the workforce.

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