Uric Acid Control in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease in a Southeastern US Urban Cohort

Tibor Fülöp, MD, PhD; Christian A. Koch, MD, PhD, MACE; Lindsey T. Norris, MD; BetzaidaRodríguez, MD; Tibor Szarvas, PhD; Zsolt Lengvárszky, PhD; Éva Csongrádi, MD, PhD; Mehul P. Dixit, MD


South Med J. 2018;111(9):549-555. 

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In summary, in our cohort of predominantly African American and mostly overweight or obese participants with significant CKD, insufficient UA control and ongoing urinary acidification represented major, insufficiently addressed biochemical concerns. Conventional dosing recommendations for allopurinol in patients with advanced CKD are unlikely to suffice in reaching target serum UA goals. Weight may be an underappreciated determinant of allopurinol requirements.