A Case Series of Five Patients With Pure or Mixed Gestational Epithelioid Trophoblastic Tumors and a Literature Review on Mixed Tumors

Ka Yu Tse, MRCOG; Keith Wan Hang Chiu, FRCR; Karen Kar Loen Chan, FRCOG; Mandy Man Yee Chu, MRCOG; Siew Fei Ngu, MRCOG; Annie Nga Yin Cheung, FRCPath; Hextan Yuen Sheung Ngan, FRCOG; Philip Pun Ching Ip, FRCPath


Am J Clin Pathol. 2018;150(4):318-332. 

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Most ETTs do not respond to chemotherapy, and so hysterectomy is still the mainstay of treatment. Fertility-sparing treatment may be considered, but long follow-up is needed to prove its safety. Mixed trophoblastic tumors are rare, and their clinicopathologic presentations are unclear. Whether their behaviors are related to the proportion of different components and their best treatment option also require more research to define. For those patients with GTN who fail to respond to conventional chemotherapy, a histologic diagnosis with pathologic review is needed to rule out the possibility of mixed GTN.