Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension

10 Myths and Misperceptions

Peter G. Kranz, MD; Linda Gray, MD; Timothy J. Amrhein, MD


Headache. 2018;58(7):948-959. 

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SIH is a condition that is identified with increasing frequency, but also one in which outdated or incomplete understandings of the disease can hamper appropriate management. A more nuanced understanding of the role of CSF pressure and an expansion of the understanding of underlying causes of CSF leak in SIH has emerged in recent years. Initial simplistic views of the underlying pathophysiology and clinical presentation of SIH have been shown to be incomplete by this new research, yet these conceptions have stubbornly persisted. Awareness of such myths and misperceptions about SIH will help direct more appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the condition in the future.