Alternatives to Spinal Fusion Surgery in Pediatric Deformity

Randal R. Betz, MD; M. Darryl Antonacci, MD; Laury A. Cuddihy, MD


Curr Orthop Pract. 2018;29(5):430-435. 

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Fusions for scoliosis as performed today are irreversible and may lead to adjacent level degeneration in midlife.[47] Many patients and parents are interested in solutions for scoliosis surgery that maintain functional motion. Fusionless surgery procedures may not have long-term data available today, but they may currently be acceptable for patients/parents who place a premium on motion and understand that long-term data are not available. Importantly, unlike fusion, these fusionless procedures do not burn any bridges and allow for any improvements in technology in the future. In the US, these devices are all used "off label" at this time; however, with further clinical follow-up and research, we expect more widespread clinical adoption by many surgeons.