Hepatic Steatosis Is Highly Prevalent Across the Paediatric Age Spectrum, Including in Pre-school Age Children

J. Dhaliwal; G. B. Chavhan; E. Lurz; A. Shalabi; N. Yuen; B. Williams; I. Martincevic; A. Amirabadi; P. W. Wales; W. Lee; S. C. Ling; M. Mouzaki


Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2018;48(5):556-563. 

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NAFLD is a significant public health issue with increasing incidence of obesity in children and adolescents, and with potential for significant adult morbidity and impact on healthcare system. In our study, hepatic steatosis is highly prevalent in a cohort of previously healthy children in Ontario, including in very young children, a finding that is associated with abdominal fat depots.