Diabetes Resource for 'Overwhelming' Numbers of Devices, Apps

Miriam E. Tucker

August 14, 2018

A new website from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) aims to provide a central one-stop resource for all things diabetes technology-related.

The Diabetes Advanced Network Access, or DANA, website (DANATech.org) is currently only available to AADE members and allows them to quickly familiarize themselves with the latest devices, apps, and related news.

According to an AADE statement, "Technology has been a game changer in helping people with diabetes manage their blood sugar, receive life-saving insulin at the right time, eat better, and stay active, but the number of devices and apps is overwhelming."

DANA offers an alternative to the typical time-consuming "scattershot approach" of searching manufacturers' websites, reading articles, talking to company reps, and participating in webinars, the statement adds.  

AADE president Donna Ryan, MPH, RN says: "DANA makes it easy for diabetes educators to keep up with the ever-growing technology options that can significantly enhance outcomes...Because these new technologies produce so much data, diabetes educators have become data interpreters, helping people with diabetes understand what the information means and how to best use it to manage their diabetes. DANA will be a key resource in that."

The site includes five sections:

  • A clearinghouse with reviews of over 200 monitoring and drug delivery devices with links to manufacturer websites.

  • Educational materials including on-demand and live courses and webinars, including links.

  • Current technology news, along with focus groups and polls in which diabetes educators can participate.

  • Resources such as peer-reviewed articles and guidelines, and a discussion board.

  • Standardized reviews of current mobile apps, including those that address diabetes management, fitness, food, and a range of diabetes-related conditions such as hypertension and depression.

The content on DANA will be continually revised. "[AADE] is committed to ensuring the resource is a robust, always-current destination that allows diabetes educators to participate in a variety of ways," according to the AADE statement.

The website, DANATech.org, is currently only available to AADE members.

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