A2 Milk: Breakthrough of Science or Marketing?

John Watson; Reviewed by: Anya Romanowski, MS, RD


August 10, 2018

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Caveat Emptor?

It is perhaps strange to think that something you could purchase at your grocery store would function as a mini-commentary on the state of both the wellness industry and contemporary scientific research, but the debate around A2 milk speaks to larger biases.

More and more consumers now espouse seemingly complete faith in products that promise to alleviate all the great health crises of our day and age by unlocking one key contributor. Meanwhile, the integrity of researchers is reduced to the single question of where they derived their funding, or to whether they are seeking to make a profit from their product.

An altogether more conventional conclusion seems fitting. We simply do not have the data right now to determine A2 milk's benefits, or whether they even exist. Regardless, curious US consumers undaunted by the unsettled nature of the debate surrounding A2 milk will soon be able to test it themselves.

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