Match These Quotes to Famous Medical Books

Ariel Harsinay


July 30, 2018

The answer is B. Arrowsmith by Sinclair Lewis

Written by Sinclair Lewis in 1925, this novel received a Pulitzer Prize and is now known as one of the most popular medical novels of all time, mainly because it has inspired countless individuals to pursue scientific research and medicine. Arrowsmith is a nonfiction novel that tells the story of Martin Arrowsmith, a young doctor with an internal conflict between a passion for medicine and a desire for the life of American notions of success and financial security. Lewis delivers a satirical perspective of American middle-class dilemmas.

However, in Frankensteinian fashion, Lewis shows how the pursuit of scientific knowledge directly conflicts with Martin's humanity and ability to maintain a healthy life outside of his career. For this reason, Arrowsmith resonates with medical students experiencing the same dilemmas as they aim to find a balance between medical school and having social lives and participating in the outside world.[16]


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