Match These Quotes to Famous Medical Books

Ariel Harsinay


July 30, 2018

The answer is C. How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

As a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Jerome Groopman knows the ins and outs of a doctor's psyche. In How Doctors Think, Groopman delves into the thought processes of physicians and how they make decisions. Groopman takes modern pressures like the economy and technological innovation into consideration for doctors' thought processes, and advises future doctors to learn from the experiences in the stories he tells.

How Doctors Think gained immense popularity because of its ability to break down the fourth wall between doctors and their patients and give the outside world a glimpse into the mindset of doctors and how it influences their work. How Doctors Think also helps patients remind themselves that their doctors are real people, with the same emotions, flaws, and life stressors we all experience.

How Doctors Think was released in 2007 and won the Quill Award for Health/Self-improvement.[25]


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