Drug-Induced Acute Liver Failure in Children and Adults

Results of a Single-Centre Study of 128 Patients

Harshad Devarbhavi; Mallikarjun Patil; Vishnu V. Reddy; Rajvir Singh; Tarun Joseph; Deepak Ganga


Liver International. 2018;38(7):1322-1329. 

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The result of our study has something in common and something at odds with other reported series; antimicrobials largely driven by antituberculosis drugs are the commonest causes of idiosyncratic DIALF. Mortality depends on the causative agent with a higher mortality in those with antituberculosis DIALF and lesser mortality in those with anti–epileptic drugs and dapsone both of which are associated with hypersensitivity features in a majority of patients. MELD score rather than KCC predicts outcome.