Updates in Pharmacotherapy for Melanoma

Angie Amado, PharmD Candidate 2019; Sonia Amin Thomas (Sonia Patel), PharmD, BCOP


US Pharmacist. 2018;43(6):HS2-HS9. 

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Treatment for advanced melanoma has significantly evolved to include newer and more effective systemic therapies, targeted therapies for specific genetic alterations in distinct clinical subtypes of melanoma, and local therapies. Clinical studies have established recommended treatment options including checkpoint immunotherapy, BRAF-targeted therapy for patients with BRAF-mutated disease, and clinical trials as first-line therapy for unresectable or metastatic disease. Current guidelines have been updated to reflect these changes, and they continue to transform as new therapies are developed. Pharmacists can play a role in this ever-changing environment by helping the clinician select therapy based on appropriateness and side-effect profile. Pharmacists can also actively conduct patienteducation sessions and advise patients on how to handle medication side effects.