Comprehensive Interventions for Reducing Cannabis Use

Judit Tirado-Muñoz; Juan I. Mestre-Pintó; Magí Farré; Francina Fonseca; Marta Torrens


Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2018;31(4):315-323. 

In This Article

Literature Search Strategy

The search, conducted in PubMed, included keywords related to cannabis, type of interventions, settings and outcomes (Table 1). Studies were included if they were published in English from June 2016 to January 2018 and fulfilled the following eligibility criteria: randomized controlled trials and observational studies reduction of cannabis use as the outcome evaluation of the efficacy/effectiveness of preventive, psychosocial and pharmacological interventions. Protocol, letters and editorials were no considered for review. Of the 274 articles initially identified, 21 studies were read in full-text, after title and abstract review. Finally, 13 studies fulfilled the inclusion criteria: six systematic reviews and seven primary studies evaluating interventions studies which were not included in any of the identified reviews (Table 2). Data extraction of the studies included the following information: authors, participants/target, intervention delivery, study interventions (brief description), length of follow-up and outcomes assessed.