Management of Acute Respiratory Failure in Interstitial Lung Diseases

Overview and Clinical Insights

Paola Faverio; Federica De Giacomi; Luca Sardella; Giuseppe Fiorentino; Mauro Carone; Francesco Salerno; Jousel Ora; Paola Rogliani; Giulia Pellegrino; Giuseppe Francesco Sferrazza Papa; Francesco Bini; Bruno Dino Bodini; Grazia Messinesi; Alberto Pesci; Antonio Esquinas


BMC Pulm Med. 2018;18(70) 

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ARF is a feared complication in ILDs, both for its difficult management and diagnostic work-up and the poor prognosis.

Oxygen supplementation and ventilatory support have proven to be ineffective in modifying the prognosis of the disease in the absence of effective therapeutic options. Less invasive techniques, including HFNC oxygen and NIV, might be used in less severe cases to correct hypoxemia and control dyspnea, while, invasive techniques, such as IMV and ECMO, should be limited to patients listed for lung transplant or with reversible causes of ARF.