Advice for Female Physicians to Negotiate Higher Salaries

Sandra Levy


July 03, 2018

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Pitfalls of Negotiating Too Aggressively

Noting that her father trained her and her sisters on assertiveness techniques when they were children, Grethlein acknowledged that there may be a downside to being too aggressive. "The challenge for women is we are perceived as aggressive when we are merely being assertive. That's the line that's very tricky not to cross," she said.

Although Laschever firmly believes that female physicians need to negotiate more frequently than they do, she advised that, because there can be pushback when women act too aggressively, "How you ask is extremely critical. Try not to come across as too threatening, bossy or demanding."

Finally, you may not want to risk walking away from a salary offer in hopes of getting a higher counteroffer unless you have at least one competing offer waiting in the wings.


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