Mechanical CPR: Who? When? How?

Kurtis Poole; Keith Couper; Michael A. Smyth; Joyce Yeung; Gavin D. Perkins


Crit Care. 2018;22(140) 

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The provision of high-quality CPR is a key modifiable factor associated with survival in cardiac arrest. Mechanical chest compression devices consistently deliver high-quality chest compressions, but this does not translate into improved patient outcomes when devices are routinely used in OHCA. Further trials are needed to evaluate the routine use of mechanical devices in IHCA.

The use of mechanical devices in specific circumstances (e.g. ambulance/helicopter transport, pPCI) where high-quality chest compressions cannot be safely delivered may be a reasonable strategy. In all situations where mechanical devices are used, clinicians must ensure that the device is deployed with minimal interruption to chest compression delivery.