Effects of Long-term Combination LT4 and LT3 Therapy for Improving Hypothyroidism and Overall Quality of Life

Anam Tariq, DO; Yijin Wert, MS; Pramil Cheriyath, MD; Renu Joshi, MD


South Med J. 2018;111(6):363-369. 

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Combination therapy of LT4 and LT3 has remained an experimental treatment that can be used at the physician's discretion. Our observational study concludes that for a subset of patients who feels suboptimal on LT4 monotherapy, synthetic therapy is beneficial and safe in controlling hypothyroid symptoms and improving quality of life. We are hopeful that our analysis will raise awareness and promote further RCTs focusing on appropriate dosages and populations. An interesting future study should be to compare the practices of endocrinologists and primary care physicians in their management of patients undergoing combination therapy.