Showing Compassion Toward Palliative Care Colleagues

Betty R. Ferrell, PhD, RN


June 05, 2018

Dr R is a neurologist caring for Molly, a 21-year-old who has Huntington chorea. Molly has had more difficulty speaking and moving. It has become apparent to you and all other nursing and medical staff members that Molly's condition is declining, yet Dr R has been reluctant to inform Molly, her fiancé, or her parents of her worsening prognosis. One of the other nurses shared in a report that Dr R once mentioned that Molly reminded her of her own granddaughter, and the resident mentioned that Dr R told him that Molly was one of her longest-term patients. The nursing staff has become increasingly frustrated, because they feel that Molly, her fiancé, and her parents need to be informed of her status.

Late this evening, Dr R returns to the hospital for a new admission, and you decide that this is a good time to discuss Molly's care with her.


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