Update on Techniques to Prevent Infections Associated With Prostate Needle Biopsy

Matteo Fontana; Luca Boeri; Emanuele Montanari


Curr Opin Urol. 2018;28(4):392-397. 

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Data from the recent literature suggest that infectious complications following prostate biopsy are increasing due to the growing diffusion of AMR and MDR strains. Collaboration between urologists and infectious disease specialists is strongly recommended to determine the optimal regimen for prophylaxis, considering local resistance patterns and patient baseline characteristics. Rectal culture targeted prophylaxis, bowel preparation, needle disinfection and the transperineal approach are effective preventive strategies against PBIs, but more robust evidence is needed to establish the efficacy of these tools in improving patient outcomes. Clinicians should identify potential risk factors for PBIs to select the best candidates for these preventive strategies.