Acute Phase Reactions After Zoledronic Acid Infusion

Protective Role of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and Previous Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy

Chiara Crotti, MD; Nelson B. Watts, MD; Maria De Santis, MD, PhD; Angela Ceribelli, MD, PhD; Gianluigi Fabbriciani, MD; Francesca Cavaciocchi, PhD; Bianca Marasini, MD; Carlo Selmi, MD, PhD; Marco Massarotti, MD


Endocr Pract. 2018;24(5):405-410. 

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In conclusion, this study confirms that 25(OH)D levels and inadequate 25(OH)D status are significant risk factors for APR after ZOL infusion. Translating our observations into clinical practice, we recommend adequate 25(OH) D supplementation for patients prior to intravenous BP to reduce the risk of APR. Moreover, the role of previous treatment with oral BPs as an independent protective factor for APR should be evaluated in a larger cohort.