Identifying Factors Predictive of Atlantoaxial Fusion Failure in Pediatric Patients

Lessons Learned From a Retrospective Pediatric Craniocervical Society Study

Douglas L. Brockmeyer, MD; Walavan Sivakumar, MD; Marcus D. Mazur, MD; Christina M. Sayama, MD; Hannah E. Goldstein, MD; Sean M. Lew, MD; Todd C. Hankinson, MD; Richard C.E. Anderson, MD; Andrew Jea, MD; Philipp R. Aldana, MD; Mark Proctor, MD; Daniel Hedequist, MD; Jay K. Riva-Cambrin, MD


Spine. 2018;43(11):754-760. 

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In a large multicenter study, posterior atlantoaxial fusion rates in children undergoing instrumented fusion are generally high; however, Down syndrome is a significant risk factor for surgical failure. Further work is necessary to understand the biological basis of this finding.