Cerebral Vasculitis and Lateral Rectus Palsy – Two Rare Central Nervous System Complications of Dengue Fever

Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature

H. M. M. Herath; J. S. Hewavithana; C. M. De Silva; O. A. R. Kularathna; N. P. Weerasinghe


J Med Case Reports. 2018;12(100) 

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Even though most cases of dengue infection have a self-limiting course, some patients develop devastating and life-threatening complications such as DHF and DSS. In addition to these two complications, dengue infection can affect many other organ systems, including the CNS. Even though a wide variety of CNS manifestations of dengue infection have been reported, CNS vasculitis associated with dengue infection has not been described previously among adults. To the best of our knowledge, we report the first case of CNS vasculitis in an adult patient with dengue infection. Furthermore, abducens nerve palsy in the setting of fever in a tropical country such as Sri Lanka could very well be due to dengue infection, and dengue infection should be considered as a cause of abducens nerve palsy.