Prognostic Factors and Treatment of Spinal Astrocytomas

A Multi-institutional Cohort Analysis

Yingjie Zou, MD; James Sun, BA; Yangying Zhou, BS; Harrison Xiao Bai, MD; Xiangyan Huang, MD; Ranjith Babu, MD; Alessandro Landi, MD; Kap Sum Foong, MD; Zishu Zhang, MD; John H. Woo, MD; Yongguang Tao, PhD; Xuejun Li, MD, PhD; Xiangqi Tang, MD, PhD; Bo Xiao, MD, PhD; Paul J. Zhang, MD; Li Yang, MD, PhD


Spine. 2018;43(10):E565-E573. 

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In patients with spinal astrocytomas, GTR likely resulted in longer PFS when compared to STR. Adjuvant RT appears to be effective in improving survival outcomes for high-grade tumors.