Outpatient Spine Surgery: Defining the Outcomes, Value, and Barriers to Implementation

Arjun Vivek Pendharkar, MD; Maryam Nour Shahin, BS; Allen Lin Ho, MD; Eric Scott Sussman, MD; David Arnold Purger, MD, PhD; Anand Veeravagu, MD; John Kevin Ratliff, MD; Atman Mukesh Desai, MD


Neurosurg Focus. 2018;44(5):e11 

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Surgeon Preference

One additional consideration highlights the role of surgeon preference. In the United States medicolegal environment, the impact of a single death cannot be understated from the perspective of cost as well as surgeon willingness to send a patient home early.[45] For ACDF and cervical disc arthroplasty specifically, this may prevent the adoption of outpatient surgery at large regardless of the outcomes.