Med Student Graduation Gift Guide

Ryan Syrek, MA


May 09, 2018


If you're reading this, chances are good that someone you care about is graduating from medical school. From family members to friends and faculty, it may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a similarly supportive posse to help turn a wide-eyed premed student into a full-fledged doctor. You played a key role in the development of the newly minted doc in your life, and although they may be the ones moving the tassels, it's time for you to put a cap on things with the perfect gift.

Unless they're one of the lucky ones, you may want to consider sharing these tips on how to get rid of med school debt as your first meaningful present. Because nothing says "I'm proud of you" quite like a guide on how to achieve liberation from oppressive loan payments.

If you're looking for something a little more celebratory than a reminder of impending economic servitude, here are some ideas to mull over, ranging from staples of med school graduation gift-giving to some surprising suggestions.

Traditional Gifts (aka Classics That Never Go Out of Style)

Video allegedly killed the radio star, but some have argued that computers have offed stethoscopes. However, the traditional devices remain a common gift for med school graduates. The key is to follow the symbolism of the stethoscope and "listen to the heart." That is to say, a meaningful association connected to the device makes all the difference. Whether that means gifting the same brand you've used throughout your career to someone at the start of theirs or etching a thoughtful engraving, doing more than just googling "best-selling stethoscopes" turns what could be a clichéd gift into a remarkably special one. Also, if you just want a link to the best-selling stethoscopes on Amazon, this gift guide just saved you a google: click here.

Giving the graduating institution even more money may seem counterintuitive, but customized diploma frames are also a classic "go-to" choice. Quality notebooks are also a traditional gift option. Business Insider swears these are the absolute best; some of them are even resistant to weather conditions, although a downpour of rain may not be the fluid a new doctor's note-taking device will have to resist.... Along with that, high-quality pens—such as high-end ones from Cross—are a time-honored way of celebrating entry into a profession long associated with horrible penmanship.

These may be "safe" options, but the classics are classics for a reason.


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