Characteristics of Surgical Site Infection Following Colorectal Surgery in a Tertiary Center

Extended-Spectrum beta-Lactamase-Producing Bacteria Culprits in Disease

Eliana Kalakouti, MD; Constantinos Simillis, MD; Gianluca Pellino, MD; Nabeela Mughal, MD; Oliver Warren, MD; Sarah Mills, MD; Emile Tan, MD; Christos Kontovounisios, MD; Paris P. Tekkis, MD


Wounds. 2018;30(4):108-113. 

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The current study has limitations, therefore conclusions should be interpreted with caution. First, this is an observational study with a relatively small number of patients and events. It was performed at a single center, including patients operated on by a single colorectal team. Lastly, a cost analysis of SSIs would have been desirable but was beyond the aim of this research study.

However, data were prospectively collected with a rigorous method and the definition of SSI was in agreement with the CDC.[15] The team included a TVN, who further enhanced the relevance of the study.