Plastic Surgeon Allegedly Watched Porn While Operating; More

Wayne J. Guglielmo, MA


April 25, 2018

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Bizarre Video Behavior One of Multiple Claims

A former patient of a well-known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has filed an amended complaint against him that alleges a series of curious behaviors, including his habit of watching pornographic videos while in the OR, according to a story posted on the Los Angeles news site KTLA5.[1]

Tess Broussard, the former patient, said she had first tried suing plastic surgeon Randal Haworth in 2013 after he allegedly botched a lip filler procedure. (The filler wasn't FDA approved for that purpose, she now says.) A court dismissed that suit, however, when Broussard's expert witness failed to testify.

In her amended complaint filed last month, Broussard not only cites those earlier allegations but adds a series of new ones. These are based in part on a 2017 deposition by a surgical consultant who had worked for Haworth for 15 years.

In the deposition, the former employee said Haworth watched hardcore, sometimes violent videos while performing surgery; altered and even forged patients' records; performed surgeries for which he wasn't qualified; and continued to practice following a treatment for eye cancer that could have affected his ability to operate properly. Moreover, Haworth has been accused of "unlawfully using Percocet and writing prescriptions for others to obtain Percocet on his behalf," according to the attorney of record for this earlier suit, Christopher Rudd, who is also representing Broussard in her current suit.

Rudd said that Broussard's amended complaint would include new allegations of emotional distress and fraud. "She never would have hired the guy in the first place if she would've known these things." Nor, he added, would Broussard have been forced to drop her original suit had the allegations laid out in the 2017 deposition been known earlier.

In an emailed statement to Newsweek, another media outlet covering the unusual story, Haworth's attorney, Matthew Oster, pushed back.

"The recent allegations made against Dr. Randal Haworth are outrageous and have no merit," Oster said. "They are based on reckless and uncorroborated claims made about him at a deposition by a disgruntled former employee who was terminated for fraud . . . and participation in an unlawful prescription drug scheme. We will vigorously defend against these false allegations and are examining all legal options against the individuals making these false claims."[2]

At press time, no further word about the amended complaint or related matters was available.


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