Nipple-Areolar Complex Reconstruction

A Review of the Literature and Introduction of the Rectangle-to-Cube Nipple Flap

Joshua T. Henderson, BA; Thomas J. Lee, MD; Andrew M. Swiergosz, BS; Andrea R. Hiller, BS; Joshua Choo, MD; Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD, FACS


ePlasty. 2018;18(e15) 

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The patient had no wound-healing issues. Protective dressings were placed over the reconstructed nipples for 4 weeks to allow the rectangle-to-cube nipple flaps to heal. Two-month follow-up showed minimal loss of projection (Figure 9a and Figure 9b). She is scheduled to return soon for tattooing to complete her reconstruction.

Figure 9.

(a,b) Long-term projection.

The rectangle-to-cube nipple flap has been performed on 5 patients at our institution who previously had unilateral breast reconstruction, resulting in a transverse scar. Sustained nipple projections were achieved at 3-month postoperative evaluations for each patient.