Liver Transplantation in Patients With Alcoholic Liver Disease

A Retrospective Study

Gabriele A. Vassallo; Claudia Tarli; Maria M. Rando; Carolina Mosoni; Antonio Mirijello; Adwoa Agyei-Nkansah; Mariangela Antonelli; Luisa Sestito; Germano Perotti; Daniela Di Giuda; Salvatore Agnes; Antonio Grieco; Antonio Gasbarrini; Giovanni Addolorato


Alcohol Alcohol. 2018;53(2):151-156. 

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ALD is an appropriate indication for LT. Obviously, an accurate stratification of potential candidates is needed to identify those most likely to remain abstinent after LT. Survival rate of transplanted patients for alcoholic cirrhosis are comparable with other etiologies of liver disease. Patients transplanted for alcoholic cirrhosis should be followed by specialists in AUDs working within the Liver Transplantation Center in order to help patients to prevent alcohol relapse and consequent recurrence of the primary liver disease. Patients after LT should receive regular screening for cancer, including chest radiography, upper digestive endoscopy and clinical pharyngo-laryngeal examination. Finally, they should be advised to quit smoking after LT.