The Importance of Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge in the Clinical Pharmacist's Education

João Paulo S. Fernandes, PhD, BPharm


Am J Pharm Educ. 2018;82(2) 

In This Article


The author searched the PubMed database for case reports using the keywords: propranolol and psychosis, timolol and bronchoconstriction, tetracaine and allergy, atorvastatin and rhabdomiolysis, diphenhydramine and extrapyramidal. These keywords were suggested by an experienced medicinal chemist who was familiar with the topic.

The case reports were adapted to focus on the main aspects of the study, but their overall meaning was retained. Some specific information was maintained to keep the cases Relevant to the practice of pharmacy. Trade names, personal data and other irrelevant information were excluded.

The clinical case reports were evaluated using the SAR data from didactical books used in medicinal chemistry courses.[2,12,13] The case studies must state the importance of medicinal chemistry concepts in line with other relevant clinical aspects of a pharmacist's knowledge in the prevention or management of such cases.