Quiz: How to Work Effectively With Recruiters

March 01, 2018

Good recruiters don't send resumes to anyone without your permission. You don't want to get a call from an employer out of the blue for a job that you had no idea you were applying for.

Some other signs of a poor recruiter:

You are flooded with weak job leads. The search firm should send you no more than three or four well-researched opportunities. Getting swamped by leads that don't meet your criteria doesn't help you in the least.

Your recruiter calls you a lot at work. He or she calls your office and has you paged for routine matters that could be addressed in an email or text message.

The disappearing job description. The search firm posts an ideal job description without the employer's name. You have to contact the firm to get it, but when you do, the offering is replaced by a couple of less interesting jobs. Was the original offering for real? Who knows, but the recruiter has succeeded in getting your attention.


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