Quiz: How to Work Effectively With Recruiters

March 01, 2018

Search firms often advise you not to choose more than two of them. That's because employers generally won't pay for more than two search firms advising the same physician, and in a contingency arrangement, they'll pay only for one.

This concern won't affect you, however, so technically, you are free to hire as many firms as you want. But keep in mind that having to deal with a lot of search firms could take up more of your time and could be confusing.

Some firms may ask you to sign an agreement giving them the exclusive right to represent you; these arrangements are not in your interest.

If you have a choice of search firms to work with, it's helpful to choose one that has expertise in your particular medical specialty. Large versus small firm is a matter of personal preference. Small firms can offer personal attention, but large ones have more resources.


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