Quiz: How to Work Effectively With Recruiters

March 01, 2018

This is one area where search firms may be less effective. Where job seekers really need the help of a search firm is in very competitive markets, such as big metro areas. However, these positions are typically very easy for employers to fill, so employers often don't need to hire search firms. Because search firms rarely get paid for filling these jobs, they have little incentive to find them for you.

Good search firms can provide information on large employers' workplace culture, typical work hours, and benefits.

Search firms are especially useful for physicians who haven't been able to zero in on a particular geographic area. They will often try to steer you to hard-to-fill openings in small cities or rural areas because this is what they're usually hired to do. These jobs can be great choices, but they're very plentiful, and you probably don't need a search firm to find them.

Some search firms may provide compensation benchmarks used to negotiate your reimbursement. The data are useful because they cover geographic areas and specialties and are broken down into percentiles.

Some search firms offer to edit and rewrite your CV or help review the employer's contract. Although you may choose to use their services, you can also get CV review from firms that specialize in this service. Even if the search firm you're working with gives you some pointers on your contract, you still need to hire a specialized attorney to do the heavy lifting. It's not in the interest of your recruiter, who is paid by the employer, to point out flaws in the employer's contract.

Search firms may also help you with licensing, credentialing, and privileging; preparing for the upcoming interview; or booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for the interview. In-house recruiters may offer these services as well.


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