Michigan Hepatitis A Outbreak Continues

February 12, 2018

Michigan public health officials are continuing to see an elevated number of hepatitis A cases and resultant hospitalizations. Patients should be evaluated for inclusion in these high-risk groups, and offered hepatitis A vaccine if not currently infected with hepatitis A:

  • Persons who use injection or non-injection drugs

  • Men who have sex with men

  • Persons who are currently homeless or in transient living conditions

  • Persons who have been recently incarcerated

  • Persons with chronic liver disease

To help prevent the spread of this outbreak, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is encouraging all healthcare providers to:

  1. Screen patients for possible high-risk behaviors related to hepatitis A.

  2. Maintain a high index of suspicion for hepatitis A infection in high-risk individuals with elevated liver function tests and jaundice.

  3. Report all suspect and confirmed cases of hepatitis A infection to local public health within 12 hours of identification.

This hepatitis A outbreak continues to be a public health threat to vulnerable populations in Michigan. MDHHS and local public health agencies need the entire medical community to help prevent the spread of this disease. Healthcare organizations play a crucial role in screening, vaccinating, treating where appropriate, and reporting cases to public health.

More information about the hepatitis A outbreak in Michigan and current recommendations are available at http://www.mi.gov/hepatitisAoutbreak. Please contact your local health department or MDHHS at 517-335-8165 with any questions or to seek consultation during this outbreak.

During this outbreak, hepatitis A vaccination is a potentially life-saving intervention for our patients. We appreciate all of your efforts to stop the spread of hepatitis A in Michigan.


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