New Treatments for Hereditary Angioedema

Nathan M. Johnson, MD; Mariana A. Phillips, MD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2018;23(1) 

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The past decade has been marked by the development of new treatment options for the management of HA. Many international and national consensus guidelines exist, but none recommend specific therapies, citing a lack of head-to-head trials. The decision to use prophylactic therapy requires weighing the patient's disease burden with the benefits and risks of therapy. For those patients who do require preventative therapy, Cinryze (C1 esterase inhibitor) appears to be equally as effective as synthetic androgens, and neither is recommended above the other.[19] Berinert (C1 esterase inhibitor), Ruconest (conestat alfa), Firazyr (icatibant), and Kalbitor (ecallantide) appear to be equally efficacious, and the decision of which particular agent to use should depend on patient factors, including setting of administration and responsiveness to a particular agent during previous acute episodes.[20]