Late-Onset Inflammatory Response to Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Tahera Bhojani-Lynch, MRCOphth, CertLRS, MBCAM, DipCS


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2017;5(12):e1532 

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Case 2

A 48-year-old female Caucasian patient presented to her treating practitioner with a localized redness and swelling without lumps in the nasolabial folds 5 months after receiving 1 mL injection of Restylane® (Q-Med AB, Uppsala, Sweden) in the same area. The injection was performed in a different clinic with a retrograde linear thread technique Table 1. The filler was lidocaine-free and the use of additional anesthetics is unknown.

A couple of weeks before the reaction onset, the patient reported a cold sore on the lip, which had fully healed before the reaction. No further medical history, including any previous treatments with HA fillers and known allergies, is available.

The patient had been treated with oral antihistamines for 5 days without improvement. The treating practitioner called the author, who advised to prescribe a 5-day course of steroids, commencing at 60 mg, with reducing doses, and to schedule a review appointment. The injecting practitioner did not call the author back after 5 days, but subsequent confirmation of full resolution was obtained.