Integrative Medicine as an Adjunct to Orthopaedic Surgery

James R. Ficke, MD; Nathan M. Moroski, MD; Steven D. Ross, MD; Ranjan Gupta, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2018;26(2):58-65. 

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The use of integrative medicine is widespread in the United States, with approximately one third of the population using some form of integrative medicine. Although much of integrative medicine remains unproved by robust double-blind randomized controlled trials, this does not discount the potential usefulness of integrative medicine for some patients, as well as the need for the clinician to be aware of what a particular patient is using and the potential interactions with various orthopaedic treatments. We have highlighted the vast array of CAM, its many uses, and the need for physicians and surgeons to inquire more diligently about the use of integrative medicine by patients. Integrative medicine may offer alternative treatment modalities for chronic issues that have been nonresponsive to other well-established treatments.