Preoperative Depression, Lumbar Fusion, and Opioid Use

An Assessment of Postoperative Prescription, Quality, and Economic Outcomes

Chloe O'Connell, BS; Tej Deepak Azad, MS; Vaishali Mittal, BS; Daniel Vail, BA; Eli Johnson, BS; Atman Desai, MD; Eric Sun, MD, PhD; John K. Ratliff, MD; Anand Veeravagu, MD


Neurosurg Focus. 2018;44(1):e5 

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Overall, the current study provides insight into the relationship between preoperative depression and a variety of outcomes, particularly opioid use, following lumbar fusion. Given that depression is a potentially modifiable risk factor for adverse outcomes, future work might identify ways to mitigate the impact of depression and to improve outcomes for patients undergoing lumbar fusion. In assessing postfusion outcomes, we believe that the preoperative assessment of depression should be included and that the disorder should be considered as a potentially impactful comorbid condition.