Medscape's Mentor of the Year: An Interview With Donna Magid

Ryan Syrek, MA


January 05, 2018

Medscape: Are there any projects you are working on that are related to mentorship, or anything you're looking toward in the future?

Dr Magid: Some of my earliest mentees are now mentors. They went to medical school; they did residency or fellowship with me. Now they're on faculties here or elsewhere, and they're mentoring people. That's been enormously valuable feedback. The biggest battle now is to maintain some time and space to keep on teaching and educating, which is the initial connecting point through which we often become mentors.

The people who make our schedules—those who run our work lives and our department—they have to put a value on teaching and educating. That's not always financed or supported. They have to decide it's a worthwhile activity for our present and for our future. They have to support the people who have demonstrated that they are interested in and capable of doing this. You really don't have a choice; you have to do this.

Younger people have to be encouraged and nurtured. Medicine has to move forward, and we have to be the leaders and not the followers. If academic institutions don't make time for their educators and mentors, they're essentially ruining the foundations of the future.

I appreciate the opportunity to point that out. I think a lot of people are so worried about the bottom line and how busy we are, and the increase in legislation and the medicolegal issues, that they lose track of something that you can't really put in a dollar column. It's the easiest thing to cut back on or eliminate. But I think we're priceless.


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