Collection of Nasal Secretions and Tears and Their Use in Allergology

Sveva Castelli; Stefania Arasi; Ruby Pawankar; Paolo M. Matricardi


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018;18(1):1-9. 

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Appropriate collection and processing of nasal and ocular secretions is necessary to obtain valid and comparable results allowing an accurate evaluation of allergic diseases at local level. An ideal sampling method should allow to obtain a sufficient sample volume without need of high dilution, be easy to handle and suitable for clinical routine, require minimal cooperation from the subject, be not too invasive and not irritate or traumatize the target organ, have a high detectability with common detection assays, be reproducible, and keep the artefacts at the minimum. For nasal secretions, absorption methods seems to be up to date advantageous, giving the best results in terms of detectability and reproducibility in the analysis of immunoglobulins and local inflammatory mediators.[8,26,66,69] Collecting tears with microcapillary tube method is still considered the best method to obtain reproducible and unaltered samples.[3]